Sunday, September 7, 2008

September and its new beginnings

Because of school, I didn’t get much of a summer this year so I made the most of the last few weeks in August. First there was Gibsons, then a weekend in Maple Ridge for the wedding of a long time friend. In fact, I helped her husband propose many moons ago. Then this past weekend I went to Ucuelet/Long Beach. There was a large group of my boyfriend’s friends (his name is Andrew by the way, I figure it’s time I referred to him by name). It was a good weekend, other than the car trouble. I had to jumpstart my car 4 times in 3 days for no particular reason. The car is only 15 months old so it will be making a visit to the car doctor as soon as I can get it to the dealer. Thank goodness for warranties though.

I spent the time in Ucuelet sitting on the beach, watching surfers and knitting. Camping with a large group is always fun too. Can you believe this was the first time in 11 years that I’ve been to Vancouver Island? Ridiculous.

And now September has come. There are many who hate this time of year: the end of summer and the start of school. Personally, I’ve always loved September. It is my favourite month. It’s always symbolized fresh starts to me. I had a pretty great summer. I think it’s going to be an awesome fall.

What’s on my needles? AKA WIP round up

Remember when I used to finish things? So Andrew mentioned rather innocently that I have not finished a project since I started dating him. I tried to refute this accusation but upon reflection I realized he was absolutely right. Whoops. I have started many things and frogged many of them, leaving far too many WIPs. So now is the time to make myself accountable. Just what am I working on?

Hanami: This is the priority right now. I want to wear this shawl for graduation in October. That was a long ways away when I started this stole but it isn’t anymore. Ugh, this was never supposed to be deadline knitting.

Central Park Hoodie: I want to work on finishing this once Hanami is done

Koolhaas out of Malabrigo – finished 1 repeat, 4 more to go

Unwind Yarns Merlot Sport Socks: Halfway done first sock

Shibui Socks: first attempt at 2 socks at once

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