Thursday, June 18, 2009

White Lace Hades

We've set the date. We're getting married May 22, 2010. This means I really need to get moving on the veil knitting.

I consider myself a pretty competent knitter, certainly a pretty fearless one but this project may be my undoing. See that?

That is about 12 hours worth of work. Doesn't look like it does it? That's because I had to frog the thing more times than I care to count. Part of my problem was the DPNs. Every time I had to tink back I ended up dropping stitches, losing my place and having to start over. Using lifelines wasn't helping much either. I finally went out and bought a 16 inch circ and that helped quite a bit.

These are some of the swatches I did before getting started. I'm normally not much of a swatcher but figured it would be a good idea this time. I originally planned on using Jaggerspun Zephyr but decided it was too thick. I received an assortment of lace yarn for swatching from someone on the Ravelry With this String group (best wedding board ever) and decided on Cashwool by Lana Borgessia. It's frighteningly thin but it creates a very light and airy fabric.

Here is my progress as of today. I decided to use Meg Swansen's Spanish Peacock Shawl. It took me awhile to figure out the marker moves but I think I've got it now.