Monday, January 21, 2008

Two FOs and a sock in progress

Hey look my first sweater! Okay so a sweater that is knit on big needles in a lace pattern with bulky yarn isn't the hugest accomplishment but I'm still proud of it. This is the first thing I've knit that needs to fit and I am happy to say that it does.

I subbed with Manos del Uruguay and really recommend this yarn for this pattern. One caveat though: Manos is not like the recommended yarn (Malabrigo or which are plied yarns while Manoes is a thick and thin unplied. Personally I like how this works up in the Cherie Amour pattern but not everyone will.

I made socks!

I had the opposite of second sock syndrome with these. I was so thrilled to finish the first one successfully that I sailed through the second sock. They're so comfy to wear and I love the bright colours.

Having gotten over the hurdle of my first socks I cast on for the pair I promised my sister. I knit most of this while attending the Canadian Figure Skating Championships which were held here in Vancouver this past week. There are a lot of breaks in skating so knitting and skating watching are highly compatible activities. I am almost done the leg of the first sock.

I'm knitting these in Fleece Artist sock yarn with size 2.5mm needles. I'm using a combination of a few basic sock patterns. I believe the colourway is Hercules and I am quite enjoying it. I may have to find some more of it to make socks for me!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Resolution Rundown

I believe that if I am going to succeed at my goal of knitting all 2007 stash before 2008 ends I'm going to need a plan, so that I don't lose track of what is 2007 stash and what I want to do with it.

So at the end of 2007 my stash was:
3 skeins Manos del Uruguay in colourway Stellar (aka 110) - all used up for Cherie Amour
2 skeins Koigu KPPPM colourway p113 - this is in the process of turning into socks
1 ball Rowan Kidsilk Night - Became Ice Queen
1 skein Manos del Uruguay in colourway 119 - I think this is going to be either a hat or maybe mittens
1 skein Jitterbug in colourway Florentine - This will be socks naturally. Probably just basic ribbed socks
1 skein Fleece Artist merino sock yarn - socks for my sister
1 skein Blue Sky Alpacas Suri Merino - going to be hat of some sort
1 skein Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester - to become a felted bag
2 skeins Handmaiden Handspun 100% cashmere - This is pure luxury, no clue what to do with it. I don't want to waste it!
1 skein Handmaiden Sea Silk in purple and gold - potentially going to be a Clapotis
1 skein Handmaiden Camelspin in Paris - This is the first yarn I ever completely fell for so I must find a worthwhile pattern
1 skein Camelspin in Peridot - same problem as the other skein
1 skein Handmaiden 2ply silk cashmere in Peridot - one of the colours of this will be a Wavy weathers wimple
1 skein Handmaiden 2 ply silk cashmere in Vintage - see above
1 ball rowan Scottish tweed - to be a hat
4 skeins Handpainted merino bulky - originally purchased for Cherie Amour, thinking of maybe adapting the pattern into a cardigan
1 skein Estelle Wooly Bully - being turned into a scarf for mom
2 skeins Botto Poala laceweight - thinking of possible making a slightly shorter Hanami out of this.
2 skeins Lang Yarns Mille Colori - have sort of fell out of love with this stuff, maybe hats to donate?

I would also like to knit up the 1.75 skeins I have of Manos Stellar. I purchased two more to finish Cherie but only needed a little of the 4th skein. Maybe my so-called scarf?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

A tale of amour

I fell in love with the Cherie Amour pattern as soon as I saw it so even though I was short at least a skein of yarn, I cast on immediately after Christmas. I figured the additional yarn would arrive before I ran out. I wasn't anticipating just how fast this would knit up.

I finished the body within a few days. I love how the Manos Del Uruguay knits up in this pattern. The colourway is beautiful and I'm so glad my mom chose it for me. I wouldn't likely have been drawn to it myself.

Here's how it's looking so far.

There's the body patiently awaiting its sleeves. I managed to get the full body plus one sleeve out of three skeins. My new yarn arrived yesterday so I've finished the second sleeve. I'd say that the extra small size knit in Manos, requires 3 skeins and a quarter. The sleeves are blocking now so hopefully I'll have some FO photos tomorrow.

While I waited for more Manos I knit an Ice Queen.

This pattern (from the Winter 2007 Knitty if you don't already know) is a fun, fast knit. The finished product is also surprisingly utilitarian. I keeps me warm enough for Vancouver winters without the need for both a hat and scarf. I've already received one request to knit one for a friend. I knit version A (stockinette version).

I used Rowan Kidsilk Night instead of Kidsilk haze. The flecks of silver in the Kidsilk night add a nice shimmer that compliments the beads. I quite like the finished effect. I think next time I will try the picot cast on because doing the picot bind off twice is a little painful. (Especially if you've recently spent 5 hours doing the picot bind off for a Charlotte's web.

I finished my first sock today!

The pattern is mostly the one found on the ball band of a skein of Jitterbug. I used the heel instructions from Ann Budd's Getting Started Knitting Socks. I still have some trouble figuring out sock patterns so it's not perfect but look! it fits! I've cast on for the second one already. I can't wait to wear my first pair of handknit socks.

I had a few false starts with sock knitting so I am seriously proud of these.

And to finish, below is an FO photo of my second Charlotte's Web shawl

This is my new favourite accessory.