Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paris Bound

I am leaving tomorrow morning for an 8 day trip to Paris. This is kind of a last minute thing so I'm a lot less organized than usual. When I went to Europe for 2 months a couple years ago I planned for months. I had pages and pages of information. I remember how I excited I was when my countdown hit 100 days. We only bought our tickets for this trip 3 weeks ago.

Nevertheless I am very excited to be returning to Paris. The last time I was there was kind of rough (nervous breakdowns in foreign cities and all that) and it will be nice to go back under entirely different circumstances. I'm excited to see the city of love with the person I love (as incredibly corny as I realize that is).

I'll be back with more knitting in 9 days. Hopefully I'm able to knit on the plane.

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yarnpiggy said...

Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear all your stories at the Grind. :-)