Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just keep spinning, spinning spinning

As a reward to myself for surviving school I signed up for a spinning class at Birkland Bros. I've dabbled with a drop spindle and have been playing with my new wheel for the last few weeks but figured a class wouldn't be a bad idea.

My first lesson was Wednesday. At first it was frustrating. I was having my usual problem of joining the fibre to the leader and joining new fibre later. The teacher showed me a way of doing it that clicked and it went much better after that. Below is the result after one class. It's definitely overspun in places but it's getting much more even. By the end of the class I couldn't believe 2 hours hand gone by so quickly. The fibre is corriedale from Shades of Narnia in Chilliwack.
This spinning thing might get addictive now that I'm getting the hang of it. I bought a new drop spindle too (my old one suffered a terrible accident while I was in Saskatchewan) and even that seems easier. I'm trying to practice both each day.

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Swap Pal said...

this is your SP12 pal.
Could you confirm if you received the 2nd parcel?
Also, I just mailed out the final package yesterday.