Saturday, September 20, 2008

FO - Hanami

Is finished! This is my longest project to date: started April 19th and finished September 18th so almost exactly five months. I could have finished it a lot faster if I hadn't gotten so distracted by other things like school, life etc.

I've been off work sick with a weird sinusy thing which allowed me to finish it. I sailed through Chart G because there isn't really a chart, certainly not compared to the basketweave chart and charts A - F. It turned out about ten inches shorter than the pattern measurements which is fine because I'm short and I don't know that I want a stole that is six inches taller than me. I blocked it yesterday and since I am without blocking wires that was a bit of an undertaking (must get me some of those). The edges are slightly scallopy which I rather like. I think it suits this piece to not have a perfectly straight edge.

This was my second lace pattern and my first time knitting with actual laceweight. It isn't a particularly hard pattern. It is very well charted so there wasn't any guessing on my part. The nice thing about it is the hardest part is the first section so once you get through that it's a lot easier. I made a few little mistakes of course but nothing major.

One thing I found about this pattern was that since I couldn't memorize the chart I actually made fewer mistakes because I had to concentrate on it. I only made mistakes when I tried to work on it when I couldn't concentrate.

Pattern: Hanami Stole by Melanie Gibbons (
Yarn: unknown yarn by Botto Paola (an Italian mill), received in a Christmas Swap
Dimensions: 18inches wide, 60 inches long

I have no idea how many yards I used because I'm not sure how much of the yarn I had to begin with. It was admittedly a bit of a gamble. I have quite a big of yarn left too.

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