Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Recovering Kitty

Very little knitting has been going on the last few days. Between the kitten crisis, term papers and lingering pain from surgery, I haven't been up to it. I am more bothered by post-surgery pain today than I have been since the first couple days, probably nerves waking up. Yuck. It probably doesn't help that my cat stood right on the incision last night (revenge?) She's home and recovering. Here she is showing off her scar, asking for sympathy.

She was spared the cone because of the wound on her neck from where the needle was sticking out but she doesn't seem to be licking the incision site. She has to take two different antibiotics for the next eight days. One of them is a liquid and the other a pill. I'll tell ya, giving that cat a pill is well, a pill.

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