Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spinning Confessions

Okay, I admit, I haven't exactly been spinning for 15 minutes a day. In my defense though, surgery prevented my from holding my left arm above my head for two weeks. Interestingly, my spinning improved anyway. Remember this picture of my first attempt, a thick and thing slubby yarn?

Here's the latest

The colour makes it hard to see but it's a much thinner, more even yarn.

Unfortunately, I'm not quite done with surgery. The margins were positive so they need to go back in. I'm not entirely surprised but it's definitely an annoyance. Hopefully third time's a charm.

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Louisa said...

Kind of hard to spin on a spindle when you can't lift your arm, hon'! You're doing really well for only one quickie lesson too. You need to come to another Ravelry meetup for Lesson Two! Hope you're healing well and feeling better soon.