Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hanami made me do it

I cast on for Hanami last night. I bought the pattern months ago and have been wanting to cast on since before Christmas. Temptation finally got the better of me. I'm using an Italian yarn that I got in a Christmas swap. I think it's working really well in this pattern, even though the colour isn't exactly true to the cherry blossom theme! I'm loving the pattern so far. It's kind of addictive actually. I stayed up way later than I should have working on it.

Here's how it looks after one full repeat of the basketweave chart.

The trouble is, I am not a great multi-project knitter and other WIPs tend to get neglected when I get really into a project. I can't start neglecting the turquoise blob. Perhaps a rewards system is in order? I can knit Hanami when I knit a row of blanket?

I'm also knitting socks out of the new Noro sock yarn. It's different from other sock yarns. It isn't as soft but I love how the colours stripe together. I'm knitting them on 2mm needles though so it's slow going.

I'm feeling better after surgery except that my range of motion on my left side sucks. I hope that returns to normal soon because it's annoying having to twist around to reach for things with the other hand.

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