Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Harlot Road Trip

My mom and I drove down to Seattle yesterday to see Stephanie Peal-McPhee aka the Yarn Harlot. We decided to spend the night in Bothell, not far from the venue to avoid six hours of driving in a single day. It was a fun trip. Before the event, we stopped by Village Yarn and Tea in Shoreline. I found out about this store via Ravelry and thought it sounded like my kind of store (tea being the other thing I can't get enough of) and was thrilled to learn that it's located someplace I travel to now and then. It was a lovely lovely store, with great tea and beautiful yarn. The ladies there were wonderful and welcoming.

I bought two skeins of The Plucky Knitter silk merino lace in the Hot House Orchid colourway.
This yarn just called out to me. 1400 yards of loveliness. I believe it is destined to be Icarus. Scrumptious.

I also bought 2 skeins of Shibui sock yarn.

And some Dragonfly Fibers roving.

The Yarn Harlot is hilarious. Even my mom, the non-knitter, enjoyed the talk. And never have I seen so many knitters in one spot. This poor man was wandering around lost. I guess the person he was supposed to meet had told him she would be the one with the knitting needles. I do hope she was joking. I thought it was particularly amusing when she talked about people thinking knitters were patient. It had me thinking: obviously these people weren't around any knitters when the new server was being installed at Ravelry! As always, it was fun to meet other knitters, you now, talk to my own kind. Considering how completely enthusiastic (okay okay obsessed) I am with this hobby now, it's hard to believe I only started in October.

Well worth the trip.

This morning I talked my mom into driving to another store to procure some Socks that Rock. I have been really wanting to try this yarn but cannot bring myself to pay 16 dollars shipping for a skein of sock yarn. It certainly looks wonderful. I chose Valkyrie, of the Raven series. I love the subtle tints to the black.

Now before anyone comments on my being on a "yarn fast" this is souvenir yarn and it doesn't count. None of it is stuff I can get locally. So there.

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