Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yarn Fast Confession

I swear I have been knitting, despite the lack of progress pictures. The blanket is coming along, I am on the third out of seven balls of yarn so getting close to halfway there. It isn't a very photogenic project as it mostly looks like a turquoise blob lol.

I'm also working on koolhaas in some alpaca yarn I got for Christmas (need to get cracking on the 2007 stash as per the resolutions) but it's not a mindless project either. Enter, the saturday market bag.

When I learned magknits was closed I immediately did a search on Ravelry to see what projects I might like to make at some point so I could grab those from google cache. That's how I stumbled across this pattern. I was just lamenting that I didn't have any cotton yarn when a package came in the mail. It was a swap package that among other things included 2 balls of Sugar n Cream cotton yarn. So I cast on for that too. It's the perfect project for those days right after finals when your brain is still fuzzy.

Speaking of swaps, I have a confession. I had to go to the LYS to buy some yarn for a swap. While I was there, I bought yarn for me: some Noro sock yarn. I also bought some roving but that doesn't count. So I am going to invoke the "sock yarn isn't stash" clause so I can still get my wheel.

On that subject, do any spinners poking around here have any suggestions? I'd prefer something that's a little portable and easy to use for a newbie. And preferably available locally in Vancouver.

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