Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Socks and Blankets

I finished a pair of Monkey socks over the weekend. I ended up frogging the sock I posted about a couple weeks ago because I got to the toe decreases and decided I didn't like the fit. Monkeys were a lot more interesting than knitting another plain stockinette sock. It was a fun knit. There was some pooling on the second sock so I had to switch to the outside of the ball but the pooling was mostly on the sole of the foot.

Jitterbug is short on yardage so I followed the lead of other Ravelers and did 5 repeats on the leg instead of 6. Turns out I wouldn't have wanted 6 anyway because I'm short and these socks are plenty long enough.

Now I've started working in earnest on the blanket for my cousin's baby. I fought with a circular cast on for a while, took no less than 12 tries before I figured it out. I started out with 2 DPNs because 3 was too awkward and it went much more smoothly.

I'm using one of my new ADDI bamboo needles and I LOVE them. The yarn slides like butter. They are so smooth. And the cable is flexible enough that I was able to switch to the 16 inch circular once I had 64 stitches.

I'm about to start on the pattern part which is a little scary. It's not like I can turn to the Internet if I'm stuck on something. It's just me and my own instructions. Eeep. I also have no real idea how it will look in the end so I hope it works out because it would really suck if I did all that work and then hated the result. This is what it looks like after 31 rows: Like a blob. Fingers crossed that the blob eventually transforms into a really beautiful blanket.

I had trouble finding a yarn I wanted to use for this project. Obviously it's for a baby so it has to be washable but I didn't want acrylic. I also needed a gender neutral colour because my cousin either doesn't know or at least hasn't divulged what she's having. I don't like yellow, pale lime green isn't much better and as for purple, I'm skeptical of its status as a gender neutral. I love this minty turquoise colour though. Good thing too cause we're going to be spending a lot of time together.


Rosie said...

I love the purple color of your monkey socks!

k_purls2 said...

This is a sign that I seriously need to give monkey socks a whirl. I've talked about read about monkey socks from no less than 3 people in the last week. Can't wait to see your blankie finished. Circle sounds lovely.