Friday, March 21, 2008

Channeling the Yarn Harlot

So I had the lumpectomy today. It wasn't so bad. Actually, while I would hardly recommend having this experience once, let alone twice, the second time around wasn't nearly as bad. For one, I knew what to expect. For two, they were actually ahead of schedule! When I had surgery in 2006 it got very backed up and I was 2 hours late getting into surgery. That's a lot of anxiety building time. For three, I remembered to tell the anaesthesiologist that I had some bad nausea from the general last time so I got gravol before I woke up. It is so much nicer to not wake up queasy.

Anyway, now for why I titled this post channeling the Yarn Harlot. You remember a few weeks ago when she wrote about packing extra yarn for her daughter's weekend away? I took the same sort of approach when selecting my knitting for the hospital waiting. I brought 4, yes 4 projects which my mother thought was crazy. You knitters out there probably understand though. I brought the two projects that I am currently working on: the baby blanket and Ice Queen. The blanket requires some concentration and Ice Queen is just fiddly with the beaded parts so I wasn't sure I'd be up for them. With that in mind I brought yarn and needles for a simple hat but what if I wasn't feeling the hat? So I also brought sock supplies.

I think all the yarn was good luck because I only had time to knit 2 rounds of blanket. Maybe that's the secret, if I bring a lot of contingency knitting there won't be any waiting?

Now I'm off until the 31st, another plus this time around. I rushed back to work last time because I was temping and only getting paid for days worked. That turned out to be a mistake. Now that I have sick benefits I can take the time I need to recover. And since there's a long weekend it only works out to 5 working days missed. Hopefully I'll get a lot of knitting done.

The rush is on for the blanket now. The baby, Audrey was born on Friday.

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