Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fibrefest Damage

I couldn't resist going to Fibrefest 2008 in Abbotsford today. I was going to, because I really don't need more yarn but yarn love won out.

In the end I only bought two skeins of yarn from Shades of Narnia. Come on, they were 5 dollars a piece how was I supposed to resist??

All other purchases were spinning related and, as I said to my mother, don't count as stash until they're actually yarn.

I bought a beautiful spindle. The roving pictured with it comes from a farm in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan. It will probably be awhile until I attempt to spin it but since my grandpa was born and raised in Aberdeen I had to buy it. Aberdeen is a pretty small town even now so that was a neat small world moment. And besides, the roving is beautiful. The spindle is by Viking Santa and is maple and lacewood. The roving is 50/50 Wool and Tencel.

I also bought a kit of roving for socks from Funknits.

Now I just need to learn how to spin!

Oh and here's a photo of the yarn I dyed all wound up.

I can definitely see myself doing more dyeing. What a great way to combine my longtime love of painting with my newer love of knitting.

And in medical news, saw the surgeon on Thursday. I'll be having a lumpectomy on March 20th. I'm not entirely convinced of this course of action but the priority now is to get it out of there. I will be looking into finding a doctor around here who has some more experience with phyllodes and see what they think.

Just to clarify, phyllodes tumors aren't breast cancer, at least not the kind I have. But because they can grow very quickly and are rare enough that they aren't fully understood, they still require removal.

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