Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love is...

Love is letting your girlfriend take photos of you wearing a half finished sweater and post them on the Internet.

Love is also knitting hundreds of yards of rib stitch in boring gray yarn when you could be knitting hats and scarves and socks and let's face it, things with colour.

The sweater body is now finished and I've cast on the first sleeve. I'm not getting overconfident about my chances of getting it done in time though, lest the knitting gods smite me. I have other gift knitting planned but luckily I don't need to get those done until January. Unfortunately that means I can't use those projects as excuses not to knit the sweater.


Mrs.Q said...

That's a fine looking sweater!

(And yes, it's a great big hairy scary monster of a cold!)

Nadia said...

That is love. :)

In response to your comment, I do think people can learn too. That's why I'm givin' it an honest go!