Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dun dun da DONE!

It is done! The sweater is finished! It wasn't quite on time. I decided not to stay up all Christmas Eve to finish it but I got it done this afternoon so he did get it at Christmas! Needs to be blocked still but otherwise it turned out really well. I made a few mistakes but they aren't that noticeable and heck, it's my first sweater.

As you can see, it's good weather for a wool sweater. The snow this week has been unreal. I only ended up working one day this week. We got stuck out in Maple Ridge Sunday night, made it in to work on Tuesday and stayed home Wednesday. My parents ended up needing to come get us in Vancouver and boy was that a fiasco. We live off Cambie and our side street is just a mess. My parents' car got completely stuck. Luckily a number of neighbours came to help. Unfortunately, part of the problem was that snow and ice was collecting under the front bumper, causing it to drag on the ground. Eventually the front bumper just ripped off.

Poor car. I'm kind of glad my car spent the storm stuck in my parents garage where it's safe and dry.

I hope everyone has had/is having a good Christmas. Mine has been very nice so far. Andrew gave me a Loopy Ewe gift certificate for me to buy yarn and have it shipped to Vermont. Yay for free shipping! He also got me a cashmere shell and it is soo yummy. I've never owned cashmere anything (other than yarn). Apparently there is a store near us that sells nothing but.

I spent the afternoon finishing the sweater. For some reason I felt much less stressed about it today. It feels sooo good to be finished.

Now on to January Christmas knitting.


yarnpiggy said...

Excuse me? A store that sells nothing but cashmere? Details, please!!!!

Oh, yeah...Merry Christmas, and congrats on the finished sweater!

Mrs.Q said...

That is a fine-looking sweater! Well done!

I'll be at the Grind if I can get there. Not a lot of bus service in our 'hood these days....whee! (Thank heavens for handknits, anyway)