Monday, June 16, 2008

What's that bright shiny thing in the sky?

The sun is finally shining in Vancouver. Spring/summer sure have been slow out of the gate this year. The warm weather arrived just in time for WWKIP day (Worldwide Knit in Public Day on the off chance there are any non-knitters floating around this blog). There were a number of events hosted in the Vancouver area and I wish I could have attended them all. I went to the Kits event and sat on the grass knitting in the sun for a couple of hours. It was fun, particularly since it meant pulling out my knitting for the first time in a week. Sigh.

I’m just about done Chart C now so it’s coming along, just a lot more slowly than it was. I love it more and more as it progresses. It’s going to be so nice to finally wear it. One of the great things about wear I am in the pattern now is that it’s very forgiving. If I put a “cherry blossom” 5 stitches from the start of the repeat instead of 8, it’s not going to matter. After 7 repeats of the very unforgiving basket weave chart this is most welcome. Well, I’m driving to Saskatchewan with my family in a couple weeks so I should have lots of time to knit then.

I saw Twelfth Night at Bard on the Beach last night. Every year I say I’m going to go and I never do so it was nice to finally go. I highly recommend this interpretation of Twelfth Night. It’s got a lot of slapstick comedy in it that is very well done. We ended up with really great seats by sheer fluke. They recommend you get there pretty early to save your seat so we planned to have an early dinner. I guess we lost track of time because next thing we knew it was 6:30 and we hadn’t left the restaurant. Oops. We got to Bard just as they were giving the three minute warning and unfortunately, there were no seats left together. (As an aside, surely there is a way of managing this issue but it always seems to be a problem). That was disappointing but just before the show was to start the usher showed us to some sponsor seats that hadn’t been claimed. They ended up being some of the best seats in the house. Mind you, I’d still recommend arriving a little sooner than 3 minutes before the curtain.

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