Thursday, June 5, 2008

Back on the blogging wagon... for now

So I apologize for my absence. My very hectic schedule has left me little time for knitting and even less time for blogging about it.

I'm still plugging along on Hanami... slowly. I am about halfway through Chart C of the cherry blossom half. Boy is it ever a relief to be out of the basketweave section. This part is a great deal more forgiving. I am loving how the yarn and pattern are working together. I think it will be really stunning once complete. My intention is to wear it to my grand graduation celebration in October.

Speaking of, I applied to graduate this week which is oddly exciting. Even though I still have a very demanding semester to get through before anything is official it felt good to do it. Like saying hey, I really am almost done. There is a light at the end of all this.

Classes are going all right. I love one of them, it's all about music and I'm actually really looking forward to starting the paper for it. (Someone please remind me of this when it's 3 days before it's due and I'm in full school-induced-psychosis). The other two aren't as great but I'll survive.

Sorry about the lack of pictures. I am posting from school right now while I wait for class to start.

I promise more interesting posts sometime in the near future... I hope.

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