Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ribbit ribbit ribbit

Secret Pal Question of the Week # 3 answer

What would you consider the perfect amount of stash?

I’m pretty happy with my stash as it stands. I have enough that if I for some reason couldn’t buy yarn for a good while I would still have plenty of things to knit but it still only takes up one bookcase. I still know everything that’s in there and have a good idea what I intend to do with it. Not that that means I’m not still buying yarn…

It’s been a tense few weeks. First I had two midterms and a nasty final and then a series of small assignments for Japanese. Now it’s into term paper/project time. I doesn’t help that I am going to be away for ten days with limited Internet access. Ugh. I’ve been grouchy since Monday. I can’t figure out how I can be more stressed out and irritable after midterms are over than I am while they’re happening. Oh well, hopefully I’ll never write midterms again.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been on a frogging spree lately, to ease a bit of ‘burden.’ I hate leaving things unfinished and I have had a few projects that have sort of been languishing. I realized I was getting less and less likely to finish them in their current configuration so rip rip rip. It’s kind of liberating to free all that yarn from the confines of a project and breathe new life into it. Now it is full of potential again.

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