Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anxiety knitting

I knit half a sock foot today, mostly waiting at the doctor's office. Most of the time I appreciate public health care but when I spend an hour waiting to see a doctor when I have an appointment after waiting 3 weeks to see them in the first place it's hard not to be frustrated. But look... SOCK!

I'm almost ready for the two decreases so that's a silver lining.

In other news, and I hesitate to post this because it is a knitting blog and all but hey, it's my blog, I learned today that the phyllodes tumor I had removed just under two years ago has returned and I will need more surgery. From what I've read the options are either a wide local excision or mastectomy. We'll see what the surgeon says when I see her but I'm leaning towards mastectomy.

I'll be okay. As things go, it could be a lot worse and I'm more prepared for this time around.

And this time I have knitting, which I think is going to keep me sane.

I hope my few readers don't mind if there's some more personal stuff on this blog for the next little while.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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k_purls2 said...

I like the colors of your sock. Hey you got a lot of done during the wait. Sending warm wishes your way for your surgery. Be encouraged.