Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Wooly Christmas

I got yarn for Christmas! I knew I was getting yarn but I didn't expect this much of it. I'd originally asked my parents for a gift certificate from a yarn store but later my mom and I agreed that we'd go to the LYS, I'd give her some hints and she'd go from there. I'm not very good with gift certificates. I never want to spend them. Weird huh? It worked out in my favour.

First up: Some Manos del Uruguay in a blue colourway destined to be Cherie Amour. I'm going to need to more skeins so it's off the the LYS tomorrow.

Up next, my first skein of sea silk in a nameless purple-gold colourway. This is a nice treat since I love Handmaiden Yarns

Some unidentified cashmere in a very dark navy. I think this one is going to be another Odessa.

Fleece Artist Blue Faced Leicester to make a felted tote. I've never felted before so that could be fun.

And some Jitterbug sock yarn in pinks, blues and purples. Totally my colours

Oh and some more Manos in a different colourway. This one will be the Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat

And last but certainly not least, a ball winder! So I spent the better part of Christmas Day winding yarn. Fun fun fun.

Here's the box it all came in.

A Gathering of Lace was from my sister. Her actual gift to me is a set of Harmony circulars and some metal DPNs but there was a delay and they couldn't come on time so I got the book as a bonus gift.

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