Thursday, December 20, 2007


I think this is the part where I tell you about myself.

I'm Megan. I've been knitting since September of this year. More than one relative tried to teach me as a child and I had no shortage of knitted things but it never stuck. Then I started commuting by train and hour each way and wanted something to pass the time. Keeping my hands busy keeps me from falling asleep, missing my stop and waking up an hour away from home with no way of getting back.

I love a challenge so I am drawn to projects which are almost guaranteed to cause some frustration. My philosophy is that no one was ever killed taking risks in knitting. I love knitting lace and I'm itching to try my hand at sock knitting.

Currently on the needles:

Charlotte's Web Part Deux
Mom's scarf

Next in the queue

Cherie Amour
Another Odessa?

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