Sunday, January 4, 2009

A productive long weekend

I went on a spinning kick this weekend. Suddenly, all I wanted to do was spin. I started with the Yummy Yarn roving in Ianto I bought when I first got my wheel. I spun two singles then plied them. I'm pretty happy with this yarn. I'm getting a lot more consistent, both with the thickness of the yarn and the amount of twist. Yay.

Yummy Yarn Roving Ianto colourway. 4oz

Once that was done, I still wasn't done spinning. I got this urge to spin some superwash wool fibre that I bought from Twist of Fate at Gibsons Fibre Fest. This stuff is just beautiful to spin with, wonderfully soft and drafts like a dream. I spun two bobbins and plied them together, all on Saturday afternoon. This morning my right leg is still sore from all the treadling but it's totally worth it.

Twist of Fate Superwash wool 100 grams

I've also been finishing things this week. I finished the socks for Andrew's mom. 52 stitches on #5 needles, using Dream in Colour Classy. These were a great quick knit and the thick socks will be great for chilly Vermont.

DIC Classy cast on 52 stitches on #5 needles

And I finally finished socks for me. I actually started socks out of this yarn last August. I picked up the yarn from the Unwind Yarns and Gems booth and cast on. I later decided that it would be too big so I frogged it. I cast on again just before we left for Paris and worked on the first sock on the plane. Then my needle tip broke. I glued it back together a few times and managed to finish the first sock but it broke a final time and I couldn't fix it. I recently received a set of replacement tips from knitpicks so I finally finished the socks. Now I have a new pair of warm wool socks. Good thing too since it's snowing again.

Unwind Yarns and Gems Merlot Sport sock yarn. 56 stitch cast on on size 4s

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Louisa said...

Nice spinning, hon'! "Ianto" colorway cracks me up for some reason. He just doesn't seem very colourful, except for his ties. (Yes, I love Torchwood - doesn't everyone?) Lovely socks too.