Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh right, knitting

Did I ever mention I was moving? Back in September Andrew and I made the big decision to move in together. We found a place shortly after returning to Paris. It’s located in a nice area, about 15 minutes by bus to work for me and about 40 minutes by bike (his preferred commuting method) to work for him. Once the Canada Line comes in next year it will be even faster. It’s a decent size but seems huge to me because I’ve never had free reign over so much space before. I’ve always either lived in tiny shoe boxes by myself or with roommates and somehow never felt very at home in the common areas. This time I was able to arrange the furniture mostly how I wanted it.

And the best part, this:

That is my yarn corner. I managed to convince Andrew to let me have half of the back room for yarn and fibre. It’s not huge but I have never had a dedicated place for this stuff before. I had a ball organizing my stash into the boxes. Though I had to laugh when after I ran our of storage bins before running out of yarn, Andrew looked at the pile of yarn and commented “you still have a lot of yarn,” then, looked in another box and commented “you REALLY have a lot of yarn.” An appropriate response from someone who’s just realized how much yarn he’s actually moved in with. Mind you I also realized just how much sports equipment I’ve moved in with. And yarn smells a lot better.

Now that the move is more or less over, I can get back to more knitting. Indeed I’ve been making up for lost time the last few days. I’m working on a Fog Sweater for Andrew. It’s a good mindless project at the moment and it’s growing a little faster now that I’ve switched to the larger needles. It felt like it took forever to get to three inches on the bottom ribbing. I had to go out and buy a new Addi needle because the one I had disappeared in the move but since I am now within walking distance to the yarn store that wasn’t a big deal. I’m also working a little at finishing my Central Park Hoodie. I’m working on the sleeves now. I really want to be able to wear this soon. To satisfy a lace itch I picked up the Icarus I cast on a month back. I hadn’t gotten far on it but I completed the first repeat of chart 1 yesterday. So far I’m liking it. I’m using Plucky Knitter’s silky merino laceweight in Hot House Orchid. I fell in love with this yarn on a visit to Village Yarn and Tea near Seattle. Gorgeous stuff.

I’ve also got some smaller projects, a hat and a few socks ongoing as well but those are mostly on the backburner at the moment. I’ll pick them back up once the Fog Sweater gets too big to take on the bus.

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