Monday, November 17, 2008

Bits and Pieces

This was the weekend of the small project. I didn’t even touch Andrew’s sweater (sorry love). Instead I worked on my koolhaas and a sock I started ages ago. In my defense my head is getting cold in the mornings so I need a hat and I also need socks so that I can stop stealing Andrew’s. I don’t want to go out and buy more store bought socks of my own when I have plenty of socks. They’re just in yarn form that’s all.

I’ve started the second to last repeat of the koolhaas before I can start the decreases. I’ve finally learned that with my thick hair I need to knit the larger size for hats. Hats are the only item where I don’t knit the small version. I really enjoy this pattern, especially now that I have master cabling without a cable needle and have the pattern memorized. It goes really fast. And of course the Malabrigo I’m using is buttery soft.

As for the socks. I picked up the yarn at Gibsons and cast on a sock right away. Unfortunately I got almost half way through the foot before I could no longer deny that it was going to be too big. I guess I over compensated for my usual habit of making socks too small. So before we left for France I cast on another sock with fewer stitches. I made a lot of progress on the flight but unfortunately my needle tip broke and the sock went into hibernation.

For some reason, this weekend I was consumed with the desire to have some more handknit socks so I got out the super glue and fixed the needle and picked the sock back up. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I’d gotten farther along than I’d thought. I’d thought that I had done the ribbing and maybe a few rows of leg but I actually had most of the leg too. I finished the sock before going to bed last night.

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"Skipper" said...

I LOVE this line... "I have plenty of socks. They’re just in yarn form that’s all." Mwah ha ha... me too, a whole huge wicker basket full!