Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympics Day 3

I suffered an Olympic setback before I even got started. I was staying in Vancouver Thursday after exams so in preparation to cast on at 5am, I packed up my yarn and needles. The pattern was already in Vancouver. Alas, I had forgotten that the CPH actually starts off with smaller needles, which I didn't have. This is the problem with so often being separated from one's army of knitting supplies. So I ceremonially cast on at 5am, knowing that I'd be ripping it out once I procured the right needle. Like a dedicated Olympian, I went to dressew on my coffee break. I managed to knit about two inches on Friday at lunch. There was no evening knitting because I went out for a lovely dinner. (There's a funny story about that to follow).

I did get quite a bit of knitting accomplished yesterday though. The pattern is nice and easy to memorize. Today I will be joining the Terminal City Yarn Wranglers for the biweekly meetup, the first one I've attended since summer semester started. Progress photo:

Not at all knitting related but it is kind of a funny story. To celebrate surviving the semester, my boyfriend took me out to a nice dinner Friday night. I just bought a new dress for a friend's wedding so I was going to wear that. Well I went to put the dress on on Friday, 30 minutes before I had to meet him at the restaurant, and the zipper broke. Like really broke, zipper was in the middle of the dress, not moving at all. In fact, I could barely get the dress off! What to do what to do. So I quickly went out and bought another dress. I am such an efficient shopper that I was barely even late! I would have been on time if it hadn't been for the Lions' Game actually.

And then, after dinner, I somehow forgot my purse on the bus. Eek! Knowing that the lost and found wouldn't be open until Monday, we got in a cab, raced to the end of the bus route, where the driver was calling it in. Purse was retrieved with everything in it. Yay.

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