Monday, February 15, 2010

Ravelympics: Day 3 of Competition

Megknitficent is definitely the underdog in the Sweaterboard Cross competition. She competed in 2008 but got only a third of the way through before giving up completely. With that in mind, some expected that she would attempt an easier project this year. In a risky move, she instead decided to attempt a fair isle vest. If she is successful, it will be a first for her but it's a long shot. We spoke to her recently about her chances.

"I definitely didn't perform as well as I had hoped in 2008 but to be honest, I was coming off of a challenging few months and my heart just wasn't in it. This year I have focus and committment and I'm here to win gold for Canada."

In this third day of competition she seems to be on track. She has started the bust shaping and it seems to be going well. We must remember though that she has set herself a demanding schedule so we'll have to wait and see how the competition shapes up as we get further into the Games.

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monnibo said...

I'm cheering for Megknitficent!!