Sunday, October 25, 2009

WIP Round Up

I've stalled on the veil. Knitted edgings on circular shawls are truly the black hole of knitting. I have to knit two edging rows for every shawl stitch which adds up to a whopping 1920 rows. Yes you read that right. I think I'm about halfway done but I didn't touch it for 3 weeks. Here's what it looks like as of today.

The plus side to the veil avoidance is that I've picked up a number of my old WIPs and worked on them. I have a deal with a friend that I won't cast on anything new until the veil is finished. Enter a loophole: old projects are already cast on and therefore don't count. While avoiding the veil I have finished a pair of Leyburns

I started these several months ago but only worked on them sporadically. When I did work on them they went pretty fast. I used Shibui sock but I don't remember the colourway.

I finished the body of a Tilted Duster

I started this back in February and then spring came and a long wool sweater was the last thing I wanted to work on. It's definitely fall now so I am motivated to finish it. I'm working on the sleeves now. The yarn is Berocco Peruvia, picked up at the WEBS Brick and Mortar store last January. It's one of my favourite colours.

I've worked on some gloves

I started them last winter but they're very fiddly and I put them down when it stopped being glove weather. Once again the coming winter is motivating me to get them done. I finished the hand of the right glove and will finish the hand of the left glove before I work on the fingers for both of them.

Last but not least I have also been working on some argyle socks.

I took an argyle socks class at Sock Summit and cast on a full sized pair immediately while the technique was still fresh in my mind. I love the colours of these.

In other news, I recently received these in the mail from Slipped Stitch Studios.

A cute project bag and a matching interchangeable needle case. I love these. Check out her shop. She has awesome stuff.

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yarnpiggy said...

I am not going to comment on "raisins", except to say -- once again -- you are certifiable.

The Argyles aren't much better, either. Knitting socks flat...that's got to be one of the circles of Hell. (They sure are purty, though!)